Event Time: 8 am / Event Location: Carolina Beach, NC

The Steve Haydu St Patrick’s Lo Tide Run is held every year to raise money to help local friends and neighbors who are battling cancer and overwhelmed by ongoing financial obligations, like rent, utilities, auto, food, medicines, etc.

The Lo Tide Run is the sole annual event of the Steve Haydu St. Patrick’s Lo Tide Fund, Inc. which is a non-profit entity founded for the purpose of assisting local cancer patients and their families with serious financial needs. The event is produced entirely by volunteers and all proceeds of the race including registration fees, sponsor donations and private donations go to the support of the recipients and/or their families less costs of producing the race. The recipients may use the funds awarded to them at their own discretion although we encourage them to use it for personal needs. The board members seek out recipients with no insurance or in financial hardship.

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